Marketing to Staycationers

Summer is holiday season but as Canadians we can’t leave the country and, in some cases, we can’t even visit other provinces this year.

Parents are desperate to have something for their kids to do since they have been home since the middle of March. RV sales have gone through the roof and it is next to impossible to book a campsite in Ontario.

How can your agri-tourism business benefit from this latest COVID related trend?

Landman Gardens and Bakery have put together a ‘Grill Box’. It clearly outlines cost and contents for their customers and ordering is easy with pick up even easier. The ‘Box’ is promoted as a great option whether you are staying at home or on your way to the cottage.

In a similar vein, Heatherlea Farm Shoppe has created a ‘Long Weekend Butcher Box’. No need to try and figure out what you will need for the long weekend it has all been taken care of, all the customer needs to do is pick up and enjoy. It is all about taking the stress out of people’s lives and making their lives just a little bit easier, especially in 2020.

As more and more things open up in Ontario. OFFMA members are ready with fun family activities as well. Corn mazes are opening across the province as well as sunflower fields for picking and/or pictures for that perfect Instagram post.

A scavenger hunt is always a simple, fun activity and there are so many cool things to look for on a farm. Try setting one up online so you minimize contact through paper and pencils. OFFMA still has monster murals available. A roll of 8 is $20 plus shipping. Package them up with some crayons for an activity that will keep anyone from 3 to 83 occupied for hours. Again, this is something that would work for the home or cottage. Perhaps organize

a contest to see who does the best job colouring one up.

For more ideas have a look at what the Toronto Zoo is offering. Visit Thanks to Meghan Snyder for posting this suggestion on the Members Only Facebook page.

It’s a new world but OFFMA members are an innovative, creative, and resourcef

ul bunch of people. Look around and take note of your resources. Perhaps you can use them in a new way to attract all those Ontarians who are staying home this year.