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Supporting our Members

  • Advocacy
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Professional Development
  • Government Relations
  • Events

Working with You

  • We work hard to tackle the issues that allow your business to grow and thrive.
  • Red tape reduction
  • Lowering insurance costs
  • Reducing the risk of liability
  • Promoting agritourism and on-farm markets to the public
  • Encouraging people to visit their local farms
  • Working with other stakeholders to grow diversified agriculture


I run a CSA on our farm and on-farm store. I am very excited to be a part of this exciting association.

Rebecca Landman/Landman Gardens & Bakery

The Ontario Farm Fresh membership is one of our most important memberships to maintain.

Mark Henry/Fields on West Lake

A big thank you for all your heard work and for putting together probably one of the best workshops and conferences I’ve attended.

Suzanne Whittamore/Whittamore’s Farm Market

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the great Farm Fresh Ontario sessions at the OFVC. We all took away a lot of great things and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to start a new season with renewed vigor and excitement – lots to look forward to being able to implement this year.

Erin McLean/McLean Berry Farm

Farm Fresh Ontario has been to us a supportive community of creative, forward looking direct farm marketers. Through the newsletters, networking and programs offered we have grown as a farm and as a family. Farm Fresh Ontario has been a steady anchor in the sea of changing times; friends who understand.

Jim & Leslie Forsythe/Forsythe Family Farms

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm joined Farm Fresh Ontario in 2008 and we have never regretted it. We have found the family atmosphere among the members to be very encouraging and helpful. Knowing that we have an organization that we can call on to help us with any of issues involving our direct marketing needs is worth far more than the small annual membership fees. We have avoided many mistakes simply by learning from the experience of others. The bus tours, the seminars, the annual convention as well as the excellent newsletter make this one of the best organizations we have ever belonged to.

Steve Martin/Martin’s Family Fruit Farm

Ontario Farm Fresh! Words that spring to mind…. inspiring newsletters, helpful resources, industry connections, useful workshops, bus tours to exotic locations, opportunities to chat with leaders to compare results, grow your marketing, H.R. knowledge, industry best practices, and a forward thinking board of dedicated volunteers. It can enrich your farm and personal life, it has to ours. It also takes off paint and removes gum deposits from under chairs!

Chris and Christy Hiemstra/Clovermead Adventure Farm

Ontario Farm Fresh is the most important membership we have our on farm. Within a few years of joining Farm Fresh Ontario we had met or became friends with the leaders in our shared farming community. The friendships made in our organization are priceless and lifelong and without this strong voice, and powerful connecting tool I have no idea where my farm would be. Farm Fresh Ontario is your farm fresh voice!

Paul Brooks/Brooks Farms

Farm Fresh Ontario has played a major role in the growth of our on-farm butcher shop meat business. The networking opportunities have been incredibly valuable. The value, opportunities and experiences that Farm Fresh Ontario provides to each of its members far exceeds the cost of membership.

Dana Thatcher/Thatcher Farms

Most farmers have pretty complete toolboxes for equipment repairs. And yet, if farm marketing was a toolbox, let’s be honest, a lot of us would have a pair of bent vice grips in it and not much more. An Farm Fresh Ontario membership gives you a whole tool chest full of marketing tools, with multiple drawers. It got us out of our shop, and admittedly, our comfort zone, into a whole new world of on farm retail sales. It is absolutely the best bang for our buck each and every year.

Guy and Karen Farintosh/Farintosh Farms